1000 Books Before Kindergarten

The Lewiston Public Library wants you to read 1000 books with your child before they enter Kindergarten. To participate... just start reading! Below we have instructions & tracking sheets you can print to keep track of the books you read together or, pick them up at the library . Each time you finish reading 100 books, bring your tracker to the library and add a sticker to our recognition wall. You are then ready to start the next 100 books. It's that easy! When you have read 1000 books your child will get a certificate to recognize their great accomplishment and a small treat. The idea is simple, the rewards are Priceless! Help your child prepare for one of life's biggest milestones, Kindergarten. The goal is to read 1000 books (yes, you can repeat books) before your little one begins kindergarten. Why should you participate?
  • Develop your child's love of reading at a young age
  • Bond with your child as you read together
  • Get your child ready to read • Teach your child all about the library and the joy of books
How to read 1000 books before kindergarten
  • 1 book per day for 3 years = 1095 books
  • 10 books per week for 2 years = 1040 books
  • 3 books per day for 1 year = 1095 books